September 22, 2009



September 22, 2009

Hey there!
I don’t know who reads the stuff I write, I hope a lot of people do, so if you are reading this right now, please leave a message 😉

First of all the red color of my font is a way to honor my soccer team..Come on we are the best in rio de janeiro!!!

Now, I have been doing a lot of thinking about howour personality can be affected by the place where we live, the people around us, the envirnment itself.

This morning I was at my “other job”  watching some students do their chemistry exams. I traveled back in time because chemistry used to be my favorite subject at school although I did hate the teacher (she was mean and rude) and thought about the time I was a student. I have been there once, I mean about 20 years ago 🙂 . And I thought about who I was when I was younger.

Is it possible to mold one’s pesonality or are people born like that and won’t be changed? I have a little child and I am not sure how much I can influence on her behavior and personality. Behavior is something and personality something else, I must keep that in mind.

Still about Clara, my daughter, she is a show-off, she likes to call people’s attention and to be praised all the time.Will she ever become shy? Can a person become shy? Or is shyness a feature that either you are born like that or not? Can people’s ideas of her or comments change her way? I hope nothing changes the way she is. She is such a bright, sweet and respectful person. I wouldn’t be happy if all of a sudden or within the years she became someone else.

I have a student that studied with me a long time ago, when she was just a child, now she is a teenager and I couldn’t recognize her although her name sounded familiar. She is just the opposite of whom she used to be. She used to be talkative and she would talk during the whole class now she sits quietly alone and every now and then I hear her talking, usually she does the taslking when I ask her to.

It is so strange how she could become someone else just like that. It took her 4 years to change her behavior.

I dont wanna talk abt it anymore

learning from mistakes

September 17, 2009

Sometimes we just think we are doing the right thing. Other times we are naive. Either way iis hard to learn from a mistake.
I make mistakes every day and I don’t even know I wasn’t supposed to do that.It may sound stupid for a 32-year-old woman but every now and then I get in trouble for doing something wrong and no one has ever told me it was wrong. How can we tell what is right from what is wrong when we were never told or shown the rules?
So here is what I am talking about. Last topic was about students and life. My question is: is it wrong to be friends with a student? To listen to your student’s problems, give suggestions, ideas, advice?
How close can you be to a student in need?
A dear student of mine invited me to go to a poetry event next Saturday. He is cute and I like him a lot, he is committed, he does all the assignments on time and enjoys studying English. He is just 11 or 12, I am not sure, but he is that young! I know he would like to see me there, otherwise he wouldnt have invited me, right? What if I go? What if I don’t?
Dealing with people is allowing oneself to be in contact with their lives and be part of them as well.
I have a group of students that has been with me for 2 years now. There are 7 “girls” in class it is just IMPOSSIBLE not to share my life with them and get involved. I love them. It is a great pleasure to see their improving. I wish I could be with them forever and I think I will. They will always be a good part of my life and I hope they feel the same ( I am quite sure they do).
I don’t know if getting emotionally involved (as friends, of course) with my students is a big mistake or just a small one, or even if it is a mistake. There is nowhere I can read about these rules of real life!
I have to live life and make mistakes and then learn from them!

Friends, students and life

September 17, 2009

Last week a student was telling me she was really disappointed with a friend that has been saying nasty things abt her. It was quite difficult to explain her that disappointments will be her best friends throughout life. I did not want to sound too pessimistic she is only 15,buthow could I make it clear that itwouldn’t be her last time? Not even the biggest disappointment in her life?
I told her some of the things I have been through, explained her family is the best medicine when we are upset and that our best friends are our parents and thats it.

what the hell is love?

September 1, 2009

coupleNot so long ago I had the chance to live in a foreign country. Sort of tired of american stuff I moved to London. There I heard of K’s choice for the first time. It is a Dutch band that sings abt everything and nth at the same time. They’re usually ironic and make u think abt things u havent been thinking for a while.
Here is one of my favorite lyrics:

“He was not as tall and rather fat
He had a labrador and a lumping cat
Born in a country with a broken heart
He had enough money and a credit card
Told bedtime stories to his Teddybear
Gave him lots of hugs and a dress to wear
He had a small apartment (what a lovely sight)
He watched MTV all night

Where the hell was friendship
He must have turned it off
And most of all he wondered what is love
What the hell is love

He enjoyed the silence more and more
As he heard the door slam right next door
He had a fancy Parker and a diary
In which he wrote some poetry
And as he went to bed at night
The cat’s eyes gave him ample light
To make him lie awake and see
The content of his misery

Where the hell was friendship
He must have turned it off
And most of all he wondered what is love
What the hell is love

Where the hell was friendship
He must have turned it off
And most of all he wondered what is love
What the hell is love”

Something puzzles the hell out of me, what is love?