Friends, students and life

Last week a student was telling me she was really disappointed with a friend that has been saying nasty things abt her. It was quite difficult to explain her that disappointments will be her best friends throughout life. I did not want to sound too pessimistic she is only 15,buthow could I make it clear that itwouldn’t be her last time? Not even the biggest disappointment in her life?
I told her some of the things I have been through, explained her family is the best medicine when we are upset and that our best friends are our parents and thats it.


5 Responses to Friends, students and life

  1. patcarneiro says:

    Dear Carminha,
    I am totally touched by your words. You´re a part of my liofe. I love you,

  2. Carminha says:

    “Aunt” Patricia
    It’s a gift to teach, to educate.
    This gift is only developed with the time. Although some people do this in their lives, few are those that understand and know how to transmit the knowledge fully.
    Despite our age’s difference and we both hug the same profession, your help is so much important for me. I decided to study english and I want to achieve my objectives.
    The children, the teenagers and now the seniors always want your help because of your knowledge and words of advise.
    This is your way.

  3. katia says:

    I totally agree with Cris.

  4. katia says:

    Hi Teacher,
    I agree totally Cris says. You`re very important for us and the class only exist because you.


  5. Cris says:

    Hello teacher

    I understand your doubts about the two comments: frieds, students and life\learning form mistakes. It´s real and only happen for special person like you. All of this show us how sensitive you are, otherwise, you don´t be in doubt.Right?
    I think you are absolutely right to be friend of your students, to listening them and giving advice. In my point of view, it is very important for teenagers have opnions for an adult, younger than their parents and older than their friends, mainly when this opinions came from responsible and affectionate person like you.
    You’re very important for me, therefore i’m here. I don’t see this course without you. I’m totaly sure that my friends agree with me, our class is special, you’re a friend of us. “You will always be a good part of ours lifes”. I’m very happy to know a person like you.

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