Procrastinating – stolen from Paulo Lima

So I have this friend Paulo Lima who has sent me a great video on procrastination and while I was watching it I thought about the news I hear on the radio early this morning (yeah!!! I was listen to the radio in the morning, never watch tv). They were talking abt the world Cup to come (everything is abt it now) and how South Africa was actually not totally ready for it. About them being late according to fifas schedule related to construction…and then I thought abt Brazil. We always leave everything for the last minute.
So, let’s discuss some topics
– Why do people procrastinate so much?
– What steps can people take in order to avoid procrastinating?
– Are you a procrastinator? If so, would you like to be different, how? If not, how do you deal with procrastinators?

Watch the video below and lets talk abt it

– what do you think is the stuff that he has to do?
– What kind of things does he do instead of doing whatever he has to do?

Have you ever heard of Ellen DeGeneres? Share what you know abt her


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